Cleave : Bass

Chris Cleave is an accomplished musician and song writer from Exeter, Ontario Canada. Over the years Chris has developed both a song writing and playing style that is warm, emotional, melodic and unique. Chris’s love of music comes from the very early influences of his parents and grandparents who were all also musical in nature and shared their love of Rock and Country music.


Chris received his first instrument, a guitar, at the age of 11 and then his first bass guitar at the age of 12. His first guitar was a Les Paul copy that his parents bought out of the 1985/86 Sears catalogue. Sadly only a few months after buying it his sister broke the headstock off of the guitar. About a year later his parents bought Chris his first Bass guitar, again from the sears catalogue, and the rest of his musical journey leads us to today where Chris is a professional musician with an emphasis on bass guitar, rhythm electric guitar and song writing.


Over the years Chris has performed in various Rock and Country Acts throughout Southern Ontario and is currently a member of the Adam Cousins band which features upcoming Canadian Country artist Adam Cousins.  Chris generates his musical influence from the Rock, Blues and Country genres.  


Chris is generally described as a humble quiet introvert.  He is also known as the “Big Guy with a Big Heart”. Outside of his music life Chris is a family man. He works full time in the Fire Services as a Fire Chief. All of his children share his love of music and his entire family enjoys spending time at shows with their father.


Chris has a passion and drive for musical success that is contagious.  His personal motto is “Never stop dreaming, never stop playing, and never give up”


Mikolajczuk : Drums


Bringing over 20 years of experience to the band, Rich is known as the solid backbone of any project he plays in.  From very early on Rich put his emphasis on proper time keeping and volume control rather than being flashy.  He has played many different genres of music, from hard rock to country, even with violinist Grenville Pinto.  Rich has put his stamp on many original tracks with various projects in the past and now looks forward to writing many more with Adam Cousins.  Rich is currently playing Yamaha drums and hardware as well endorses the use of Arborea cymbals.

Mitch picked up the first time at age 9 and has been hooked ever since. When he was introduced to the guitar greats, Van Halen, and by his first guitar teacher he knew he wanted to pursue music.

His musical journey led him to Western University where he attained a degree in music education. While studying he played in the Western University Jazz ensemble where he would learn some of his most valuable skills for improvising and grove. While studying he realized that he had a real passion for teaching which leads to him start his own private teaching studio helping others develop a love for music.

Currently, Mitch is playing with several developed country and rock acts playing festivals and venues all across Ontario. You can catch him rocking out and having a great time doing so in a town near you this summer!

Mitch Bennett : Lead Guitar

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